As a rookie or professional in digital marketing, one thing you have to constantly look for as far as this career path is concerned is marketing strategies that work and produce returns. These returns could be from investments, customers, or page viewers. In this search, pure human efforts would do much, but not as much as certain tools would do for you. With certain digital marketing tools, you’d be able to plot strategies, organize tasks, and navigate through these tasks seamlessly.

This article is dedicated to sharing some essential and must have digital marketing tools needed to achieve better results in marketing and better campaigns in 2023.

  • Google Analytics is a marketing tool from Google that helps with metrics for marketing insights and decisions. Digital marketers can keep track of their businesses thanks to the numerous data analytics provided by Google. Marketers can easily understand which areas to place more emphasis on when modifying their website. Usage of Google Analytics is a one-way stream, after installation, the user is ready to surf through.
  • Benefits of using Google Analytics:
  • *Allows access to traffic insights on websites
  • *Allows you to create a dashboard and metrics for easy access and comprehension of information.
    Design tools have always been a key aspect of digital marketing because what is a product or service if it doesn’t have a face. The need for high-quality designs cannot be overemphasized. A good graphics design tool would help you create remarkable slides for your social media pages and blogs. Canva is known for such abilities and requires little or no expertise in graphics design to be able to navigate through the interface. With over a thousand available templates that are grouped into categories, users have the chance to select from the numerous ready-made templates and create engaging and colorful flyers, banners, and posters for their businesses and services
  • Content creation is a key aspect of digital marketing, and usually creators have difficulty keeping up with demand and supplying regular content. Occasionally, the challenge arises from having to post or make updates at a particular time (scheduling). This is where Trello comes in. It is a content management tool and system that helps any digital marketer with strategies and ideas for digital campaigns for their businesses. It is quite popular among marketers who seek to organize and schedule their online contents and posts.
  • SLACK:
  • Slack is an all-day, all-year-round tool that digital marketers maximize for client discussions, upcoming projects, messages, and sharing necessary information about products and services. It is essential that in a digitalized space with numerous pieces of data flying around, your customers constantly need to be in close contact and communication with you, irrespective of the distance involved. Some features of Slack include ease of communication with other marketers and members of the team in real-time. With this, you can keep track of projects.
    This is a plug-in specially designed for search engine optimization to improve the performance of posts in search results. For submitting sitemaps, regulating and usage of keywords, creating optimized content, etc.
    It is crucial that your contents are optimized for search results. This helps put you in front of your target audience, at the right time.

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