Our 4th Anniversary program “WONDAFUND THE EXPERIENCE 2023” comes to an end ..

Firstly we’d like to thank our Speakers for coming on and sharing their priceless stories and experience with us. it truly was an experience listening to these Gentlemen and i can’t wait for The Experience 2024!!!

Adiele Greatman shared how he went from selling clothes to becoming a binance content marketing lead

Day 1 featuring Adiele Greatman

Abdullahi Muhammed shared his origin story with free lancing and how he overcame the challenges he was faced with

Day 2 featuring Abdullahi Muhammed

Casweeney Ojukwu Shared his story, how he worked odd jobs during the ebola virus pandemic to raise money to get a computer and pay for courses to becoming a blockchain developer

Day 3 featuring Casweeney Ojukwu

A very big thank you to everyone who attended the program and celebrated our anniversary with us, we trust you gained tremendous value from Wondafund The Experience 2023!!!

God Bless us & Wondafund!!!

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