For any company, brand, or organization to hit the mark in becoming a home name then it must take Digital Marketing seriously. Many business entities particularly start-ups pay attention to other internal processes like sales, product types, and branding but dedicate a quantum of their attention to digital marketing. The roles of Digital marketing in present-day economics cannot be overemphasized in growing and grooming brand presence. We wouldn’t fail to highlight the fact that digital marketing is broad-scoped in nature and might be a wild goose chase if not narrowed down. Here, we would throw light on the 7 C’s of digital marketing, to help feed you focus and a workable blueprint.

The 7 C’s of Digital Marketing

  1. Customers
  2. Content
  3. Context

With Digital marketing strategies, every move the marketer makes is tied to his/her audience, who turn out to be customers if done right. Nevertheless, to hit the jackpot, you need to have knowledge of your customers or target market very well. This is done by projecting the personality of your brand to the specific people you want to be interested in it. If you’re a fitness brand, your immediate target market would be those who love fitness activities, though interested in losing or gaining weight either due to personal or medical reasons. Getting a detailed knowledge of your customers allows you a better understanding of how to reach them.
Furthermore, you ought to monitor your customer behavior after identifying them. What do they like, and where can you find them? This might seem daunting, but thanks to AI tech and analytics, this should be a piece of cake. Well, your work is to bake it.

    Coming up with content that resonates and draws the attention of your client base is a crucial part of your digital marketing journey. The knowledge you have gathered about your customers will inform you on the kind of content to create to effectively reach out to them. You should be able to add touches of creativity. Yes, no one like it boring or cliché. Understand that we live in a dynamic society and things are never the same. Therefore, revisit old content and make them up to date. Social media and search engine algorithms are usually updated, work with and follow the curve. That’s me saying be relevant without using the word “relevant” To reiterate, follow the trend and adopt SEO best practices, in other to be in the face of your customers.
    The need to project your brand’s core message and value is important because of its effectiveness. In all of its effectiveness, you have to know your buyer’s intentions. Why do they want this product or service, and what are their experiences with similar products? From the research, you relate this with the societal trend and Vox pop. This would help you coin your language and statements to suit your customer and produce more relevant content. Don’t forget to promote them. Know your audience so well that you know their needs even before they realize them, and be dedicated and intentional about solving these needs.
    There’s never been a time like the times we live in when we deal with tonnes of data and purchasing power is at an all-time high. This means that there’s a greater relationship existing between buyers and sellers. The trick in building these relationships lies in creating TRUST. Everyone wants to be able to trust a person they are in business with as such it is important to be as transparent as possible with your brand. By building trust in one, two, or three customers, you realize you are developing your clientele, in other words, a firm community of believers. One proven way to build Communities for the long term is to produce educational contents that follow up your brand’s key message.
    To create convenience as a Digital marketer, you have to serve your meal (content) right. This involves making it easier for your intended customer to find the information they need from you and at the time they might need it (when they want to purchase) this would help them make better decisions. This is what sets you apart from your competitor. Your content should be easily accessible, comprehensible, and acknowledged by your customers, it always works.
    The key to persuasion is constant repetition. In digital marketing, that is also very applicable. Ensure that the factor of cohesion is done right. Steady supply of information about your products without a reduction in quality or information in different outlets or platforms. Social Media Platforms have made this easy. Viewers or your audience should be able to meet your content on various channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Searches, Blogs, etc.
    So create a cohesive marketing strategy to create the same content on different channels and your website can be the general source of other information.
    Every job has a payment unless you’re volunteering. As a rule of thumb, the only way you can record your success as a Digital marketer is from the turn-out in conversion rate. Depending on your approach, conversion is the outcome of desired user action which is in line with your business goal; Sales, subscription, interactions, increased analytics, etc. Then these conversions can be maximized to boost client growth or Community building.

Finally, it’s important to know that digital marketing is a big piece of the puzzle but not the whole set. Attention has to be paid to maximizing the outcomes of your digital marketing strategies for the best results.

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