The past is written, the present is being written and the future is Uncertain…

We go through life experiencing different things as we go, some good, some bad. these experiences in one way or the other shape our future.

To be specific , our experiences influence our decisions which in turn shapes our future.

I the Financial markets we rely on past experiences and personal sentiments to make decisions as to whether to buy, sell or abstain from trading…

“Should we let past experiences dictate our every move in the market?”

One thing i’ve learn in my years in the market is that “PAST RESULTS DONT GUARANTEE FUTURE RESULTS WILL BE SAME” we have to consider the past while being open to a simple truth “CHANGE IS CONSTANT”, learn from past experiences but don’t dwell on them;

Past fears and doubts are things you should leave in the past for they’ll hinder your growth…

“Remember the past and the lessons learnt but also approach the present and future with an open and positive mind”

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